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Software developer, philosophy writer. My work is meant to inspire bold new thinking about the world and our place within it.

Unraveling the modern political scenario

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Rousseau’s Nightmare

Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains.

It has been over two centuries since Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote down this observation and, in many ways, it still rings true today. The reign of absolute monarchs has been replaced by a cartel technocratic elites who strive to reorder society in the image of their own deluded fantasies.

Through legacy media institutions and standardized education programs, it is they who decide what opinions are allowed and which are heretical. One barely becomes conscious before being thrown into the ivory tower indoctrination camps…

The incoherence of modern liberalism

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The Social Contract

Everywhere one turns, discontent abounds. Slacktivism and race hustling have become a mainstay in the politics of Western nations. No subject is safe from the tormented screeches of pink-haired feminists and middle-class minorities.

Undergirding the turmoil is the liberal worldview which sees the securement and expansion of natural rights as the driving force behind history. Each new movement, no matter how unfounded its claims, brings humanity one step closer to final emancipation from injustices. Drag queen story hour, autonomous no-go zones: all must be allowed, as long as it furthers the aim of deconstructing society.

How did…

The new segregation

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A Crisis Gone To Waste

It’s all for the greater good. Or at least that’s what we’ve been told by the experts.

The recent coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a monumental shift in the relation between the government and the people. With a mere decree, public health officials have shown they can lock you in your home and shut down your business. In a feeble effort to save lives, they have made a mockery of the life left over. …

The fiction of mental health

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The weight of consciousness is great. To experience is to be cast adrift in a ceaseless wind, continually at the mercy of phenomena. Without warning, one can be thrown from the bliss of a midnight stroll into abject terror as assailants emerge from the shadows.

It is a jarring predicament, though one that is essential to being human. If there is any meaning to life, it must reside in the confines of sensation and reflection. The modern world, however, has seen the elevation of one emotion above all others: anxiety. …

Views over truth

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The Outrage Economy

For civilized man, the coliseum stands as a relic of a barbaric age. It conjures images of stoic Gladiators and slaves torn apart by wild beasts–an orgy of trial and suffering put on display to entertain the masses.

The past two millennia have surely seen a cultivation of humanity’s more compassionate instincts. But, the demon inside has not been silenced. We still yearn for the adrenaline of danger and the excitement of discontent. The arenas of yore have been made digital, sustained by vicious news cycles which churn out hit piece…

Left to our devices

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A Digital Existence

Mankind’s great success has been built upon its machines. What distinguishes us from the rabble of beasts and critters found in the wild is our ability to bend nature to our will. Without it, our ancestors could never have crept off the savanna, traversing searing deserts and great oceans to conquer the globe.

Yet, as technology becomes more sophisticated, the less control we have over its societal effects. Billions of us have readily purchased smartphones and signed up to social media platforms with little thought on the long-term ramifications. And can…

Language Games

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The Gentry

What does it mean to be oppressed?

So much of today’s discourse revolves around the manufacture of innumerable victim categories: person of color, refugee, mentally ill. And we have yet to mention the LGBT movement, that alphabet soup which continues to grow by the hour. Not since the Mongols have so many cried out for liberation.

But, is legitimate grievance the true motive behind these trends? One rarely sees the factory worker or migrant laborer marching in the streets for social justice or ranting against climate change at the U.N.

It is…

Subversion by the wallet

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There was once a time when one could visit the grocery store or watch a movie without stumbling into the touchy political questions of the day. An evening out was light-years away from the heated halls of Congress. But, today it seems there is no escape from the mass politicization of society.

Turning on a streaming service means confronting a deluge of activist messages; walking down main-street demands the appreciation of Black-owned businesses; even our faces are now up for debate.

Is this the free-market? …

A piecemeal demise

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Fear State

Since the dawn of history leaders have agonized over how to keep their subjects in check. To rule is, in every case, a tenuous affair. Every population contains within it a multiplicity of interests, many of which are in direct opposition to each other. And this is to say nothing of what happens in the event of a serious crisis.

War, famine: in the blink of an eye, the thin facade of civility can collapse as the bestial survivor within all of us emerges.

For these reasons, a great deal of literature…

Rise of the panopticon

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Prussian Programs

The destiny of a nation is decided in the classroom.

For modern industrial societies, at least, this statement is undeniable. We spend over a decade shaping the next generation into productive and moral citizens. This time will likely only increase alongside the indomitable campaigns for preschool and college enrollment. One can almost hear the words of the zealous counselor or overbearing parent reverberate through the hallways: ‘education is the key,’ ‘education is the key.’

But, why? Why must our youth spend a fifth of their lives crouched over answer sheets just to…

Idris Sylvester

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