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Software developer, philosophy writer. My work is meant to inspire bold new thinking about the world and our place within it.


  • Awshucks


  • Sibghet Ullah

    Sibghet Ullah

    Thriller-author from Grenoble , France. Sold over 10 E-Books. get informed about new articles:

  • Resume Reach First

    Resume Reach First

    Resume writing | short interesting articles | Singapore |

  • Loachefile


  • Lela Markham

    Lela Markham

    An Alaska-based novelist and blogger interested in a wide range of topics.

  • Kelly Salsbery

    Kelly Salsbery

  • Carmelo San Paolo

    Carmelo San Paolo

    Writing about the political, philosophical, and sociological musings that keep me up at night. Read my stories and so I can quit Ambien.

  • Jackson Weako

    Jackson Weako

    Motivational and Inspirational writer, Practical Stoic, Entrepreneur, and a Ph.D. Candidate — Computational Science and Engineering.

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